Wedding Shot List

We like to be prepared. Part of our wedding preparation is to make a list of the moments we want to make sure we capture when we get there. We want as much input from the bride and groom as we can get. To start the process, we’ve prepared a sample list of shots that are commonly requested for weddings. We want our clients to use this list as a starting point to make their own list – cherry picking the moments they want. Check out our Wedding Shot List to get started.

The Unplugged Wedding

We live in a day and age where everyone tends to spend so much time in our smartphones that we can miss what is going on around us. It’s impossible to truly experience life through a screen, so we encourage our clients to promote an Unplugged Wedding. We want your guests to truly experience your wedding and let us capture the moments that will spark those memories for many years to come. Guests holding up smartphones, cameras, and even tablets and snapping away distracts everyone around them. Extra camera flashes from all over the room can also distract and interfere with what you’ve hired us to do. And nothing is worse than sitting in a quiet room and hearing someone crank a disposable camera (true story – and yes, you can still buy those). Please read more on the Unplugged Wedding and consider how you might help your guests better experience and celebrate your joyous day.